About Us

The Long Island Ladies League has been operating for over 33 years. As the largest Women's Recreational League in the United States, we provide women 18 years of age and over with the opportunity to play soccer recreationally on Long Island. There are approximately 70 teams playing in 7 different divisions providing an opportunity for all skill levels and ages.


  • Open - players 18 years of age and over.
    Games are played Sundays at 4
  • Over 26 - players 26 years of age and over
    Games are played Sundays at 4
  • Over 40 - players 40 years of age and over
    Games are played Saturdays at 4

Players who meet the age requirements are eligible to play in both Open/Over 26 and Over 40 divisions.


  • There are two seasons -- a Spring Season and a Fall Season.
  • The Fall season starts the weekend of Labor Day and ends mid November.
  • The Spring season starts the weekend after St Patrick's day and ends in early June.

The League Sponsors an Indoor Tournament in mid February and a Summer Tournament in July.

The league registration fee is $30 per season. Additional fees may be due to your team rep for referee fees, field fees or other miscellaneous team expenses. Please ask your team rep for more information.

We welcome all new teams and players into the league. Please contact the league registrar at registrar@liladiessoccer.com for more information.